Lync Training Videos

Jump start series – Lync 2013

Core solutions of microsoft Lync server 2013

Enterprise voice and online services with Lync 2013


Jump start series – Lync 2010


TechEd videos – MS event for partners and customers


Rollout and adoption process for Lync 2010

IM an Expert

Download IM an Expert

IM an Expert version 1.5 is a social networking tool that helps the people in your organization who have questions find the people in your organization who have answers.

Conversations Analyzer

Download Conversations Analyzer

Conversations Analyzer is an application that reviews your Lync instant messaging (IM) conversation history and gives you scores for your use of trust-building language in day-to-day communications with business associates and friends.

Conversation Translator

Download Conversation Translator

Conversation Translator provides a real-time language translation service for Lync instant messaging (IM) conversations.

Information Dashboard

Download Information Dashboard

Information Dashboard helps you start a conversation with a remote contact by providing current information about the contact’s location.

Tabbed Conversations

Download Tabbed Conversations

Tabbed Conversations provides a tabbed conversation window to allow multiple instant messaging (IM) conversations in a single window.

Group Chat Stress

Download Group Chat Stress

You can use the Group Chat Stress package to help verify your Microsoft Lync Server 2010 and Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Group Chat hardware deployment.

Lync Custom Intranet Site

Download Lync Custom Intranet Site

The Lync Custom Intranet Site provides a way for you to deliver a version of Lync 2010 online Help that exactly matches the way your organization works.

Lync How-to

Download Lync How-to

Lync How-to is a user education and training tool that provides step-by-step instructions and short videos for common Lync 2010 tasks.


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